> 22/01/2006

> Monopoly Star Wars

The Monopoly Star Wars review has been updated along with a bunch of new screenshots and some notes on its compatibility.

> 20/01/2006

> Empire at War Demo: Part 2

We now have the Empire at War demo available for download. Go grab it whilst it's hot. It's a UK based server.

> 18/01/2006

> Empire at War Demo

GameSpot will be hosting the exclusive world premier of the demo for the upcoming 'Empire At War' title, a RTS set between the events of Episode 3 and 4. After the disapointing 'Force Commander' and the overly complex 'Supremacy' have LucasArts got it right this time, we're certainly hoping so.

The demo will be available from 9AM PST (5PM GMT) today from GameSpot. A free signup is required. The demo is 742Mb and if you're not a premium subscriber you're looking at about a day to download the demo.

Update: The demo is also available from download.com.

> 8/01/2006

> Starfighter: Reviewed

I've just put up a review of Starfighter, the Episode 1 arcade shooter. There's the usual review, screenshots, cheats for the PC version, demo again for the PC, and some notes on compatibility.

> 30/12/2005

> The Clone Wars: Reviewed

Having recently acquired a GameCube and a video capture device I thought I'd write some reviews for the GC games. First up is The Clone Wars.

There's a review, some screenshots, cheats for the GC and for the first time here at swgamer some videos of the game.

Unfortunately the videos are only available in Windows Media Version 9 at the moment, hopefully I'll add some QuickTime formatted ones once I can work out how to convert them in a way that doesn't result in 100Mb files.

Coming soon, probably in the next few months, coverage of 'Star Wars: Lego', 'Republic Commando', and the newer 'Rogue Squadron' games.

> Front page updated

As you'll notice the front page has now been updated to the new design. I've reorganised the games into genre rather than series as it makes more sense for the newer games.

I hope you like the new layout, if you've got any comments please mail us at webmaster@swgamer.com.

> 29/12/2005

> Xbox 360 Compatibility

The Xbox 360 has been in the shops for a while, although with very limited availability, and no doubt found its way into many a home this christmas. A dozen Star Wars games were released for the original Xbox, some of these will play on the new 360 and some aren't officially supported and so probably won't play.

These titles are officially supported:

Episode III Revenge of the Sith
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
Starfighter Special Edition
Knights of the Old Republic
Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

And these ones didn't make the cut:

Battlefront II
The Clone Wars
Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
Jedi Starfighter
Republic Commando

You can find the full official list here.

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